Precise IV Characterisation System

Precise Measurement Technologies, in association with Tektronix India and Everbeing International Inc, offers an Entry level
"Precise IV Characterisation System PMT-BS01" at an unbelievable price point, for the first time in India.

The Bundled solution comprises of EB model Keithley 2450 SMU and C - 2 probe station. It is useful for the researchers working in the Nano Science, VLSI, Physics, Material Science and Chemistry field. This bundled solution would open the doors for high volume business opportunity from universities and colleges who would want to invest in basic level Characterization system.

 Precise IV Characterisation System
 Precise IV Characterisation System

The IV characterization is the primary test to examine the behavior of device under the applied I,V and sensing the corresponding output in the form of graph.

It is the test to examine the reliability of manufactured component for a particular application as per the research objective.

This entire characterization system is available at the price of 10 Lakhs only.

The set up can be used in glove box, inert environment, room temperature, elevated temperature with the same reliability as that of full size probing station, which makes one system useful for wide range of applications.

Researchers working in

  1. Electrical and VLSI - Characterization of silicon die (transistors, diodes.)
  2. Nano and material Science - Graphene, Carbon nanotubes, low power nanostructures development.
  3. Physics - Photovoltaic cells, sensors development.
  4. Chemistry - Thin film characterization, Sheet resistivity measurement.

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